About me


My name is Shervin Chardochi and I am on a mission to help you live a life full of clarity, passion and accountability. We all experience downtimes in our lives and that’s okay, but the problem is how do you recover from them? Or how do you prevent them from happening again after you’ve successfully picked yourself up!

My work here is simple! With over 20 years of experience in the sales and customer representative sector, I have worked with countless businesses. Experiences have taught me and helped me to gather knowledge, strength and passion for whatever I set my mind to do.

Rather than discard my negative experiences, I embraced them and turned them into points of learning which I share with my mentees and the people I coach. No experience in life is meaningless, there’s always a nugget or two to grab from them and that’s what I help my clients to realize.

I am on this journey to share the knowledge I have gained and to teach you from the experiences I have had so that you can travel a smoother path. On your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, you’ll gain clarity and better awareness of yourself.

With the tools and lifehacks I’ll share, you’ll learn how to live your best life, make better decisions and achieve all that you set out to. No more leaving things unticked on your list of goals for the year; Welcome to constant achievements and fulfillments.

I can help you change the trajectory of your life.